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Rickey Loveseat by George Oliver

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SKU: 19115-rdxs
5 sold in last 26 hours

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4.3 based on 1958 reviews

Where to buy good quality Rickey Loveseat by George Oliver

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Beautiful sofa1

The chairs are very nice, arrived the day that was promised. One of the boxes had a hole in it and the bag with the legs was open. There was only one flat plastic washer so I suspect the other three fell out somewhere in transit. The other chair was in a box that stayed together and everything was there. .

I am so pleased with this sofa1!

In quality of product, cost, cost of shipping (free in my case) and service, gunhanark.com is far superior to any previous experience, including those Swedish companies. Not one complaint (which is unusual for me).

So lovely. Very sturdy and perfect for the sofa1

My husband looked at gunhanark.com and thought it was a good price for what we were buying. We called to see what the delivery date was and where the order was in progress. We had gotten an update but gunhanark.com couldn't pinpoint exactly where it was. It was supposed to arrive at one place and then it was gonna be on another thing, but the staff helped us as best as they could.


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